Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make an autism infographic?

Anyone can make one! All you need is an email address to create an account. Autistic people can make infosheets for themselves. Parents can make them for/together with their children. Teachers or carers can make them for/together with people they are supporting.

There is only one thing you should take care of: If you are making and sharing an Infographic about someone else, be sure to inform them and get their consent. Autistic people have right to privacy and self-determination just like anybody else!

What situations can autism infographics be used for?

We have created a wide range of modules, including those where you can add your own text and images. Our Infographics can therefore be used in almost any situation. You can make very elaborate ones to inform coworkers or teachers you will work closely together with. But also very brief ones for emergency situations.

You can share your infographics with others, but that doesn't mean you should. You might just as well make some just for you, as a reminder of what to do in a certain situation for example.

Can I make more than one?

Yes! You can make as many as you want and customise them depending on the situation.